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Bold Crayon is a premiere entertainment company servicing both coasts founded by astute financiers and seasoned creatives.

Bold Crayon partners with top filmmakers to develop, package, finance, and produce high-quality feature films with broad-market appeal. 

Relationships with major studios, leading talent agencies, and proven foreign sales companies, empowers Bold Crayon to offer A-list creatives (and convincing up-and-comers) the opportunity to partner with a financier/producer that values passion and imagination -- and understands profitability.

Bold Crayon specializes in mid-budgeted productions where more than 100% of the budget can be collateralized by a film’s IP, unsold licensing sales projections, pre-sold licensing contracts, incentive agreements, tax rebates, and grants.  Bold Crayon is adept at utilizing these assets to limit risk and guarantee greater profitability.

Few companies meet Bold Crayon's level of creative ability & financial sophistication.






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Magnolia Pictures and  RIP Medical Debt, a national non-profit, have partnered to eliminate $1.5M in medical debt. Donations purchase bundled portfolios that are in collection, targeting debts incurred by people facing financial hardship, and forgiving them for a fraction of the initial cost. An estimated 137M Americans struggling to pay; 66.5% of all personal bankruptcies are medical related.

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Starring Zoey Deutch (SET IT UP, THE POLITICIAN, ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP), Judy Greer, Jermaine Fowler, Noah Reid, and Jai Courtney. Directed by Tanya Wexler (JOLT, HYSTERIA), written by Brian Sacca (WOLF OF WALL ST, WRECKED).


Produced by Lost City’s Mason Novick (TULLLY, JUNO) and John Finemore and Bold Crayon’s Bannor Michael MacGregor and Jeffrey Katz, along with Deutch and Sacca.  Distributed by Magnolia Pictures and Film Bridge Intl.


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Peg Dahl (Zoey Deutch) has never run with the Buffalo pack. As a young girl obsessed with making enough cash to get out of her blue collar existence, she’s betting on her sharp mind and even sharper mouth to get her into an Ivy League university. But when an acceptance letter to the school of her dreams arrives, she quickly realizes the impossibility of paying tuition. One scalping scheme, stint in prison, and chance phone conversation with a debt collector changes everything. 

Tribeca alum Tanya Wexler returns with a raucous comedy starring Judy Greer, Jai Courtney, Jermaine Fowler and Deutch (in a go-for-broke performance) that tracks one woman finding her calling in an ethically debatable industry. As much of an ode to the city of Buffalo, New York as it is to the millions of Americans struggling with a seemingly dead-end economic  existence, BUFFALOED wrings hearty laughs out of a particularly timely & honest reality. 

  —Liza Domnitz

      Senior Programmer at TFF

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Bold Press and In the News


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Tribeca Couch Series: BUFFALOED


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BUFFALOED (On Demand Blu-Ray and DVD)

You can't always take what you want. #BuffaloedMovie, starring @ZoeyDeutch.


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Our Projects

                  BUFFALOED                            THIEF                         SPREAD the WORD          

                    Drama Comedy                 Action/Romance Thriller         Socially-Conscious Drama                  

                    Completed                              Pre-Production                         Pre-Production                            



  Mason Novick

  John Finemore

  Bannor Michael MacGregor


  Brian Sacca


  Tanya Wexler


  Zoey Deutch

  Judy Greer

  Jai Courtney

  Noah Reid

  Jermaine Fowler

Set in the debt-collecting underworld, hustler Peg, herself crippled by debt, becomes a collector and wages war with the city’s collecting “kingpin”.  Eventually learning the true value of friends and family.

BUFFALOED at Magnolia     



Rotten Tomatoes     


  Karl Gajdusek

Based on:   

  ACE IN THE HOLE                        


  Richard D'Ovidio

Set in Seoul South Korea, a master thief who is given 72 hours to leave the country is blackmailed into helping steal antiquities' most-prized urn.  Through twists and turns, he must stay alive, outwit his ruthless criminal mentor, recover his kidnapped girlfriend, all whilst remaining two-steps ahead of Korea's most brilliant detective bent on returning him to prison if he remains.


  Michael Andrews​

Redemption story.  Fading rapper is invited to perform a concert in Africa and is exposed first hand to the horrors of genocide.  Learning valuable life lessons, he finds love, re-unites with his estranged daughter, writes "Stand Up" chart-topper , and organizes a star-studded benefit concert in the vein of "We are the World"

Bold Crayon will spearhead production of  the soundtrack.  We anticipate a collaborative, multi-talented effort for our primary song with individual artist performing the remaining tracks.

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